About Pearl City Auto Works in Aiea, HI

Dennis Nakamura opened Pearl City Auto Works in 1987. As the Head Mechanic at Ron's Performance Center, he was well known for his skill at fixing any problem – even when no one else could figure it out. He became a big name in Hawaii on the racetrack, and loved to build fast cars. He created Pearl City Auto Works to take all of that accumulated skill and use it to help people stay on the road and keep their families safe.

About Pearl City Auto Works in Aiea, HI

Soon after the shop opened, customers could spy little Erin as an 8th grader hanging around the shop on weekends. She continued to work weekends through school, and began working full time at the shop immediately after high school. After 15 years of learning new things with cars every day, Erin knew that working at Pearl City Auto Works was what she wanted to do forever. In 2005, she purchased the business and has since promised to carry on her dad's legacy of excellent workmanship, care for the customer, and love of fast cars!

Since 2005, Erin has striven to constantly update the shop’s technology. After all, computers are now part of nearly every operation on a vehicle. Rather than shy away from this as some shops might, Pearl City Auto Works embraces it while staying true to Dennis Nakamura's race car roots. From computer diagnostics to a scanner that assesses problems with a vehicle's drivability, every aspect of the shop is thoroughly modern.

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About Pearl City Auto Works in Aiea, HI

Meet the Team

  • Owners of Pearl City Auto Works

    Erin, Raul and Chewy - Owners
    Pearl City Auto Works

  • Gene Gibo for Pearl City Auto Works

    Gene Gibo - Technician
    Pearl City Auto Works

    He loves the diagnosing of the computer/electrical side of the cars. The challenge of figuring out the problems with computers are his top game. Don't get me wrong, he is also awesome at repairs on engine mechanical, brakes, suspension....you name it and Gene's your man.

  • Keoki - Lead Tech for Pearl City Auto Works

    Keoki - Lead Technician
    Pearl City Auto Works

    He is the leader of our team.  He loves the challenge of helping the techs with difficult diagnostics.  He is awesome at customer service and taking great pride in who we represent in the community.

  • Shay Kunitake for Pearl City Auto Works

    Shay Kunitake - Service Writer
    Pearl City Auto Works

    She is a great asset in the front line.  She has a precise and articulate approach when it comes to automotive repair, giving her knowledge to guard customer's of break down or extra car repair costs.  She shows great pleasure when it comes to providing superb customer service.

  • Troy - Tech for Pearl City Auto Works

    Troy - Technician
    Pearl City Auto Works

    He has a great passion to repair vehicles.  He's very innovative when it comes to figuring out how to repair cars in an adept way with efficiency.